Active And Passive Simple Exercises

Here are the 6 sets of exercises for complete practice of Active and passive voice.

Exercise for Active and Passive Voice


Put in was/were/did/have /has in the blank spaces and then say which sentence is in the active voice (A) or in the passive voice (P). The first one has been answered as an example.

  1. _________ you come to school yesterday?
  2. Where _________ you born?
  3. When _________ this road built?
  4. Why _________ they come to school late?
  5. How long _________ you been studying here?
  6. _________ Anupama gone home?
  7. Why _________ he scolded?


Make passive sentences using the words given in the brackets:

  1. Was there any trouble during the strike? Yes. (about 20 people/arrest)
  2. Did anybody call for the ambulance to the place of accident? Yes. (but nobody / injure / so it/ not / need)
  3. Is Hrithik very popular? Yes. (he / like / everybody)
  4. Where is bicycle? It’s gone! (it/steal)
  5. A tree was lying across the road. (it / blow / down in the cyclone)
  6. Last night someone broke into our house. Oh, dear. (Anything/steal?)
  7. The people next door left the place six months ago. Ah, (they / not / seen / since then)
  8. Our headmaster can’t use his office now. (it / repair)
  9. The blackboard looks neat and clean. It (clean / by the monitor)
  10. (When / that temple / Build? ) I read somewhere that it was built in the 12th century.


Fill in the blanks with being + asked / attacked /given / invited / kept/ paid/ used.


  1. Most children like _____ presents on their birth days.
  2. Our Sarpanch doesn’t like his phone ______ by other people.
  3. Few people are prepared to work without __________
  4. I don’t like __________ stupid questions.
  5. Our teacher doesn’t like __________ waiting.
  6. He came to the function without __________
  7. She won’t go out at night. She’s afraid of __________


Fill in the blanks with the proper form of get and the –en form of one of the following verb: – [break, catch, damage, hurt, steal, sting]

  • Madhubal  _________ by a bee while she was sitting in the garden.

Example : – got stung.

  1. Did any of these houses ___________ during the cyclone?
  2. There was police action during the strike. Twenty people ___________
  3. How did that doll __________?
  4. If you continue to break the law, you will __________
  5. I used to have a bicycle, but it ___________


Rewrite the following sentences using the bracketed verbs in the passive voice and in proper tense forms: –

  1. If you have a wound, you (advise) to wash it clean.
  2. Louis Pasteur proved that diseases (cause) by germs.
  3. In New York many new skyscrapers (built) since that attack. More and more skyscrapers (build) nowadays to accommodate offices, shops and houses. More such buildings (erect) in future.
  4. Sunflower (can grow) in any type of soil. But it (should water) regularly.
  5. Potatoes (should boil) and (mash). It (should mix) with fried onion and green chillies.


Complete the following passages with the appropriate forms of the given verbs in brackets.

Bomb Scare

            New Delhi, April 1, Work in the New Delhi Municipal Committee office (disrupt) for over 3 hours today when the police (clear) the building following a phone call that two bombs (plant) inside, reports PTI.

            The police (clear) the offices of the staff just before the lunch break, after they (inform) of the phone call received by the security officer.

            A three-hour thorough search (prove) the call to be a hoax as the bomb disposal unit (not come across) any explosives.

Scrambled eggs.

                        To cook scrambled eggs, butter (should melt) in a frying pan over medium heat. Onions (should add) and (fry) for two minutes. Diced tomatoes and green chillies (add) next and (stir). it (cook) until the tomatoes soften a bit. Then beaten eggs (pour) in. Salt and Pepper (sprinkle) lightly.

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