Verb | Learn all types of verb with easy examples

1. Verb Definition | What is the definition of a verb?

A word that is used to narrate an action, state of being, or occurrence of an event is called a  verb. In short, any word that narrates the action of the subject is called a verb. Above all, the verb always denotes an action, state of being, or possession.

2. Verb Meaning | What is the meaning of a verb?

Simply, the dictionary meaning of the verb is a word or group word that expresses an action (such as write), an event (such as occur), or a state (such as exist).

3. Verb Examples with explanation | 04 Examples of Verb

To clarify, study the following sentence.

  1. The magician showed some tricks which were interesting.
  2. The children are swimming in the pool and they are enjoying themselves.
  3. The teacher is happy because all his students passed the first division.
  4. My mother has new mobile now which she purchased yesterday. She was really happy with her new mobile set.

In the first sentence, The verb ‘showed’ tells us something about the magician. Similarly, in the second sentence, the verb ‘swam’ tells us something about the children. Again, The verb of the third sentence, ‘is’ tells us what the state of the teacher is. Likewise, in the fourth and fifth sentences, the ‘has’ verb tells us what the subjects(Lata Mangeskhar and Mother) possess.

From the above examples, it is clear that words that refer to an action or state or possession of a subject are called Verbs. 

4. Types of Verb | How many categories of verbs are there?

There are several types of verbs. Particularly, some important verb categories are as follows:

  1. Transitive Verb,
  2. Non-Transitive Verb,
  3. Finite Verb,
  4. No-finite Verb,
  5. Lexical or Main or Full Verb,
  6. Auxiliary Verb or Helping or linking Verb,
  7. Modal Verb,
  8. Phrasal Verb,
  9. Regular Verb, and
  10. Irregular Verbs.

5. Verb Forms | How many verb forms are there in English?

Generally, every verb has 03 verb forms. But, it is all true several forms are there of an English verb. For example, the verb write has five forms such as: write, wrote, written, writes, and writing. Now, you must have got clarified that English verbs have several forms but the forms we use often are base(v1), past simple (v2), Past participle(v3), 3rd person Singular i.e base (v1) + s/es, and Present participle or base(v1)+ ing forms.

But do not worry because a verb has many forms. There are precise grammar rules for using these verbs. Do you know? The verb ‘be’ has 8 forms: be, was, were, been, being, am, is, and are. But it is absolutely easy to use which you will learn in the upcoming steps

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