Application for renovation of drain

Application for renovation of drain


          The Chairman,Municipality, Rayagada

Sub:   Application for renovation of drain.


          With due respect, we are the resident of ward No. 19  Rayagada Municipality draw your kind attention to a matter of significant concern of our deteriorating drain lying in-front of  Vinayak Engineering, near Jain Dharmsal, Rayagada. The drain is completely filled with garbage for which drain water often comes out on the road and makes water stagnant on the road. The overflowed drain water is causing trouble not only to the inhabitants of this area but also general public who to and fro by this road. As, this road(ring road) connects to  Sai Internation Square, Rayagada many people to and fro by this area and they are also facing a lot of difficulties due to the overflowed water of this deteriorated drain.

          Therefore, we the residents of this area request you in folded hands to take necessary steps at an early date for renovation of the aforesaid drain that is laying   in-front of Vinayak Engineering and Jain Dharmsal, Rayagada, for which act of kindness, we shall remain ever thankful and highly oblige.

Place: RayagadaYours faithfully,
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