‘HUIRAJ’ is a free online learning platform. The main goal of this website is to simplify  learning process for every learners. It is a wholehearted attempt to  simplify the learning process.

Huiraj's Vision

Learn Something Every Day

There is something really interesting things to do every day. That is nothing but ‘learning’. ‘Learning’ is such a amazing habit that can make someone from foolish to wise, poor to rich, a common man to a great leader.

I want everyone should learn whatever they want. Money, Time, Place should not be the obstacle for who wants to learn. I am to share everything that  I have learn in my life. 

If you are reading this now and want to contribute something to the people in anyway for their betterment then I request you to contact me.

If you want to publish anything with me then also you are hearty invited.

 We love to publish your article, post, story, video, audio, and anything in this website.

Rajesh Huika

Hello! My dear friends, I am ‘Rajesh Huika’ founder of “HuiRaj”. Being a website designer, English Teacher, motivational speaker and relationship advisor, I wish you to contact me for any kind of collaboration and more.

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