Importance of the English language in the present day

Dear learners, before learning English. you must know the importance of the English Language in our day-to-day life.

The reason I want you to learn the importance of the English language is to increase your focus on it. When you know the importance of the English language, you will give extra priority to it. When you give extract priority. Your priority and focus will help you learn English easily.

Often asked questions about the English language

Here is the list of the often-asked questions in the English language.

  1. Why should you learn English even if you can able to communicate (talk, write) in your native language?
  2. Why English learning is important?
  3. How can you learn English easily?
  4. How can you speak English fluently?
  5. How can you write anything you want in English effortlessly?
  6. What are the Dos and don’ts while Learning English?
  7. What should you do to improve your English knowledge?
  8. How much time does it take for someone to learn the English language completely?
  9. Is Grammar knowledge important or not?
  10. How to improve your English vocabulary?
  11. What is the best place to learn English?

The English language will help to explore world extensively that you ever imagined.

-Rajesh Huika

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