Noun+Prepositions – The ultimate list of prepositions with meaning & examples

List of Prepositions (Noun+Preposition)

Here is the complete list of prepositions (Noun + prepositions / Noun Preposition / Noun plush Preposition) with meaning and examples.

Admiration for: I have a lot of admiration for my parents.

Advantages of: There are advantages of living in a big city.

Agreement with:   I have an agreement with my friend to share books with each other.

Alternative to:  There is no alternative to hard work.

Appetite:   He has an amazing appetite for books.

Belief In:  What’s your belief in this matter?

Cause of:  Can you tell me the cause of this absence?

Demand for:   The demand for sugar has gone up.

Difficulty in:   I face a lot of difficulties in living in this new city.

Difficulty with:   Do you have any difficulty with your new neighbour?

Effect on:   The new law has some effect on people.

Influence on:   The cinema has a lot of influence on young children.

Knowledge of: Our headmaster has a good knowledge of English grammar.

Love for:  I have a lot of love for my grandparents.

Pity for:  I feel pity for the poor victims.

Proof of:  Can you give any proof of your innocence?

Reason for  :  The reason for the flood was the heavy showers.

Remedy for:   Remedies for many dreadful diseases are available now.

A rise/ fall in:   There is a rise / fall in the prices of food grains.

Room for:  There is room for a lot of luggage.

Reaction to:  The people’s reaction to the new law was favorable.

Solution to:  I think I can find a solution to the problem.

Success in:   We got some success in our first attempts.

Sympathy for  :   We should have sympathy for the poor.


Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition:

  1. She is trying to find out a solution __________ the problem.
  2. I have good relationship __________ my neighbors.
  3. There is no demand __________ the products.
  4. What’s the difference __________ a steam engine and an oil engine?
  5. I don’t think there is any need __________ the luxury goods here.
  6. Prices have gone up a lot. There has been a big increase __________ prices.
  7. You have a camera. Can you take a photograph __________ mine?
  8. What’s Seema’s reaction __________ the news?
  9. There has been a sharp rise __________ the cost of living.
  10. There are marked differences __________ the two children.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition:

  1. Ashish came home late. Mother wanted to know the cause __________ the delay.
  2. The president’s attitude __________ me isn’t favorable.
  3. There has been a lot of fall __________ sales.
  4. The problem has perplexed me. What’s your reaction __________ it?
  5. There has been regular contact __________ the aeroplane and the airport.
  6. It is the key __________ the first room.
  7. It is generous __________ you to help them.
  8. The teacher was impressed __________ this answer.
  9. I am sorry that I shouted __________ you.
  10. They are bored __________ continuous work.


  1. It must have rained __________ the night.
  2. Your friends were waiting __________ you at the sation.
  3. They were working __________ 4 o’clock.
  4. I shall be at home __________ Friday morning.
  5. She will be here __________ a  few moments.
  6. Amita and Manisha met __________ Christmas.
  7. Mr Behera is busy __________ work.
  8. What have you got __________ your hand?
  9. She wrote her name __________ the back of the envelope.
  10. She watched the film __________ television.
  11. Sasmita was invited __________ the party.
  12. He was accused __________ theft.
  13. We thanked them __________ their help.
  14. We shouldn’t be jealous __________ our neighbours.

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