Adjective + Prepositions – The ultimate list of prepositions with meaning & examples

List of Prepositions (Adjective + Preposition)

Here is the complete list of prepositions (Verb+prepositions / Verb Preposition / Verb plush Preposition) with meaning and examples.

Absent from: The boy was absent from class yesterday.

Afraid of: Aren’t you afraid of dogs?

Angry :(Something) – I was angry at what he said.

Angry with: (Somebody)-Mother was angry with her children.

Anxious about: (feeling worried about somebody/something)-Samir is anxious about his mother’s ill health.

Ashamed of:  She is ashamed of her bad conduct.

Aware of  :  (having knowledge of somebody/something) –Are you aware of the new timetable?

Blind in:  He is blind in one eye.

Blind to (something)  :  (pretend not to notice) Mothers are blind to the faults of their children.

Capable of 🙁 the ability or power to do something) –I am capable of running five kilometres at a stretch.

Careful about: (cautious, taking care while doing something) –They are careful about their wealth.

Careful of: Be careful of the dog. It sometimes bites.

Certain of:   (firmly believing something)-I think she will arrive this evening. I am not certain of it.

Concern for 🙁 worry/anxiety) –There’s a considerable concern for her safety.

Confident of 🙁 showing certainty about something) –They are confident of success.

Conscious of (knowing what is going on around) –Shila is always conscious of her manners.

Different from: The film was different from what I expected.

Delighted at:  (please at an event) –I am delighted at your success.

Delighted with:  (SOMETHING)  I am delighted with the present you gave me.

Disappointed with: I was disappointed with my performance.

Eligible for 🙁 fit/suitable for something) –Only trained graduates are eligible for the post.

Envious of:  Natasha was envious of Sonia.

Excited about:  (showing eagerness) – i am excited about going on a holiday next week.

FAMILIAR TO:  The place is familiar to me.

Familiar with:   I am familiar with the place.

Fond of:  Children are fond of sweets.

Full of Your writing is full of mistakes.

Good at/ bad at The young man is good at/ bad at mathematics.

Grateful to somebody for something:   The poor man was grateful to the person for his help.

Ill with:   The child is ill with a fever.

Innocent of The person was innocent of the charges.

Interested in:  Most of the students are interested in English.

Jealous of:  He is often jealous of other people.

Keen on:   (interested in somebody/something) –he wasn’t keen on going out.

Kind of / good at It is kind/good of you to help me.

Pleased with:  (something/ somebody)

 (i) Are you pleased with your new house?

 (ii)  The teacher is very much pleased with me.

Proud of:  We should be proud of our country.

Responsible for:  (duty of doing something)   – Parents are responsible for their children’s education.

Shocked/surprised at/by (something unpleasant happening suddenly) I was shocked at/by the news of his serious illness.

Sorry about:   I am sorry about what I did yesterday.

Sure of:  Santosh is sure of success.

Tired of: The travellers were tired of walking.

Useful to:  The book is useful to me.

Worried about:   (be anxious and troubled about somebody/ something) – I  am very much worried about my future.

Worthy of:  (deserving something) –What you did is worthy of praise.


Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions:

  1. Why are you impolite __________ your elders?
  2. You shouldn’t be rude __________them.
  3. It is foolish__________ you to leave the door unlocked.
  4. The candidate were eligible __________ the job.
  5. Are you angry __________ me?
  6. Are you angry __________ what happened?
  7. I felt sorry __________ the children suffering from the disease.
  8. The people next door are furious __________ us.
  9. It was kind __________ him to help me.
  10. Some people are cruel __________ animals.
  11. She was delighted __________ my examination.
  12. The teacher was judicious __________ the students.
  13. We shouldn’t be unfriendly __________ our neighbours.
  14. They have been nice __________ me.
  15. I can’t enjoy the job. I am fed up  __________ it.
  16. I am satisfied __________ this progress.
  17. I was surprised __________ the news.

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