Verb+Prepositions – The ultimate list of prepositions with meaning & examples

List of Prepositions (Verb + Preposition)

Here is the complete list of prepositions (Verb+prepositions / Verb Preposition / Verb plush Preposition) with meaning and examples.

Accused of

Meaning: (somebody is guilty of something)

Examples: She accuses me of being selfish.

Add to

Meaning: (To put something together with something to increase in size/number/amount etc.)

Examples: If we add five to six, we get eleven.

Admire for

Meaning:(to regard something with respect)

Examples: People admire the man for this courage.

Agree on/with

Meaning: (Some plan/suggestion about something)

Examples: We agreed on the plan.

Example: (a person) –Do you agree with me about the need for more schools?

Agree to

Examples: Does he agree to my proposal?

Aim at/ point at

Meaning: (shot at)

Examples: The hunter aimed at the tiger to shoot it.

Appeal to

Meaning(to take a deeply felt request)

Examples: The police appealed to the crowd to disperse.

Examples (Apologies to somebody for something): He apologized to me for telling lies.

Approve of

Example: We don’t approve of what they do.

Arrive at

Example :(a point of one’s journey) We arrived at the stain five minutes early.

Ask for (something):   (to request somebody to give something) –The employees are asking for another increase in pay.

Avail of:  You should avail yourself of all the facilities here.

Blame/criticize for:  the passengers blamed/criticized the airline for the delay.

Behave to /towards:   Gopal behaves badly to/towards his friends.

Beware of:  (to behaves badly to/towards his friends.

Beware of:  (to be cautious of) – Beware of dogs. Beware of pickpockets in the market.

Belong to:  This book belongs to me.

Believe in:  (person, God, idea)   (i)   I believe in God.

    (ii) I   believe in saying what I think.

Break into:  (to enter by force) – The thieves broke into our house last night and went away with the valuables.

Boast of:  (proud of) – The wise never boast of their learning.

Borrow from:   You can borrow the umbrella from me.

Bump into:   (to hit something accidentally) –In the dark, I bumped into a chair.

Care about:    (to feel that something/somebody is important) –Don’t you care about the country’s future?

Care for:    (like to do something) – Would you care for a cup of milk?

Charge with:  The man was charged with murder.

Collide with: There has been an accident. A lorry collided with a car.

Compare with:   (similar things) Compare ‘A’ with ‘B’

Compare to:   (comparison of dissimilar things)

Complain to:   (Somebody about something) –We complained to the hotel manager about the food.

Complain of:  (an illness or a pain) –We called in a doctor because.  Shanti complained of pain in her stomach.

Consist of:   (formed of)- The committee consists of ten members.

Congratulate:   (something to tell somebody that one is pleased bout achievement / (somebody) on good luck) He congratulated me on my success.

Crash into:  (to hit / to cause a vehicle hit something) –The driver lost control of the car and crashed into the wall.

Depend on: (rely on)    Success often depends on hard work.

Deal in 🙁 sell) – The shop deals in us in a friendly way.

Deal with: (behave) our teacher deals with us in a friendly way.

Die of 🙁 a disease) –  Most people die of the disease.

Die from: (a cause) –She died from overeating.

Differ with: We are sorry to differ with you on that question.

(Somebody) on discourage from: Heavy fines discourage motorists from speeding.

Escape from:   The thief escaped from the jail.

Exempt from:   (free from an obligation, duty or payment) –We were exempted from paying the fine.

Fill (something) with:  Fill this pot with water.

Happen to:  What happened to the watch you used to wear?

Hear from:   (receive a letter or phone call from somebody)

 -Have you heard from your sister recently?

Inform of/about:  The villagers informed the police of/about the theft.

Insist on/upon:  (to demand something forcefully) – I wanted to go alone but they insisted on coming with us.

Interfere in:   (to affect somebody’s affairs with something) don’t interfere in matters that don’t concern you.

Interfere with:  (to distract somebody / prevent them from doing something) –She claimed that her daughter had been interfered with.

Invest in 🙁 to use the money to buy shares, develop a business enterprise) – We should invest money in business

Knock at/ on:  (to hit the door firmly with the hand to attract attention) – Somebody knocked at/on the door.

Laugh at:  (a joke) –Some people laughed on smiled at him for his funny.

Leave for:  (another place) – They have left for Delhi on business.

Listen to 🙁 To make an effort to hear somebody/something) –We often listen to devotional songs in the morning.

Live on: (to have something as food) –Most Indians live on rice and vegetables.)

Look after:  (take care of) –he is old and weak. His children now look after him.

Look for :( search for, try to find)  i.   I have lost my pen.

     Can you look for it?

  (ii)   She is looking for a good dictionary in the shop.

Made of:  (we can get back the material of which the thing is made)  -The chair is made of wood.

Made from: Butter is made from milk. (We can’t get back the original Material)

 POINT TO: (to indicate something) – the needle of the compass points to the north.

Object to:  They objected to the new law on religious grounds.

Prefer one thing/person to another:  I prefer tea to coffee.

Preside at:  The president presides at the meeting of the cabinet.

Preside over:   Mr Mohapatra will preside over the public meeting.

Present with:   The manager presented Harry with a watch.

Protest against:   We should protest against injustice.

Provide with:   (to give money/things one needs) –The school provided tea for the guests.

Remind (somebody) of/ about (something)  : (to tell somebody not to forget)

  (i) They are glad that you have reminded them about the   meeting

  (ii) Children remind us of our own young days.

Recover from:   🙁to get back one’s health) –She recovered from her illness.

Retire from: Government servants retire from service at the age of 58.

Rob of: Some wicked young men stopped me on the way and robbed me of my gold chain.

Save from: Your timely help saved us from many hardships.

Search for:   I searched for my keys but couldn’t find them.

Share with:   Children should learn to share things with others.

Shout at:  (to speak to somebody loudly and angrily) – Father often shouts at us.

Shout to: (to say something in a loud voice) –He shouted to me that the boat was sinking.

Spend on:  How much money do you spend on food each week?

Sympathies with:  We should sympathize with the suffering people.

Talk about:  We talked about a lot of things at the meeting.

Talk to:  Who is that man you were talking to?

Thank for:   We thanked him for helping us.

Think of (something): (to have an idea of something/somebody in one’s mind) –Very often I think of my old friends.

Throw at:   (throw something at somebody/something in order to hurt him) -The boy threw a stone at the dog.

Throw to:  (throw something to somebody to catch) –

 Kajol throws the hall to Rosalin.

Turn into: They turned the old cinema into a nightclub.

Write in: The answer was written in ink / in pencil (not with).

Worry about:   I am worried about my bad health.


Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition.

  1. He has specialized _________ medicine.
  2. I don’t know what happened _________ the money.
  3. The country is divided _________ six regions.
  4. Students should concentrate _________ studies.
  5. They filled the car _________ petrol.
  6. The teacher split the class _________ four groups.
  7. I prefer a journey by train _________ a journey by bus.
  8. They reminded me _________ the meeting.
  9. Everybody has been warned _________ the danger.
  10. Can you explain these lines _________ me?
  11. Harish threw the ball _________ me.
  12. The wicked boy threw the stone _________ the dog.

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