Abstract Noun with easy Examples

What is an Abstract Noun?

An Abstract Noun is the name of something which we can neither see nor touch. But we can feel and think of it.

Abstract Noun refers to intangible ideas or immaterial ones. Love, Hope, Beauty, Kindness, Honesty, Freedom, etc. are all Abstract nouns because you can not touch or see them.

Examples of Abstract Nouns

Following are some examples of Abstract Noun:

  1. love my parents.
  2. There is hope for his recovery.
  3. Honesty is the best policy.
  4. He is a man of great kindness.
  5. Everybody wants freedom.
  6. He took pity on the beggar.
  7. She always looks cheerful.
  8. Generosity is not found nowadays.
  9. Truth triumphs in the end.
  10. We must be sincere to words our duty.
  11. Fox is a clever animal
  12. He is not a poor man.
  13. Health is wealth.
  14. I am not upset.


Nouns represent names of persons, places, ideas, and things. But it is also true that some things are not actually things!

Ideas, emotions, personality traits, and philosophical concepts do not exist in the physical world. We cannot sense them, cannot touch them, cannot see them, or interact with them. That is

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