Capitalization Rule-14 in detail with easy examples

This is the capitalization rule number 14. And it says that the rules of capitalization for “TITLES OF BOOKS” vary according to different style guides. The standard set of rules are as follows:

  1. Capitalize all adjectives, nouns, and adverbs.
  2. Must capitalize all verbs (even short ones like ‘Is’)
  3. We must capitalize the ‘first and last word’ of the title of the books.
  4. All pronouns must be capitalized (including ‘it’)
  5. All articles must be in the lowercase unless they are the first or last words of the title.
  6. Do not capitalize the word ‘to’, with or without an infinitive, unless it is the first or last word in the title.
  7. All conjunctions must be in the lowercase unless they are the first “or” last words of the tile.
  8. All prepositions must be in the lowercase. However, some style guides say that conjunctions and prepositions can be capitalized in a little if they are longer than five letters.

If books have subtitles, we usually put a colon after the book’s title and then follow the same rules for the subtitle.


We went to watch the most famous move: the blue umbrella.


We went to watch the most famous move: The Blue Umbrella.


My sister loved watching it Takes two when she was a kid.


My sister loved watching it Takes Two when she was a kid.

Choose the correct option

Horton Hears a _______!

Which of the follwing otpions is correct?

a) who

b) Who

Answer: b( Since sho is a propun, it must be capitalized.)

Yes or No

  1. One Indian Girl. by Chetan Bhagat. …
  2. Five Point Someone: What Not to… by Chetan Bhagat. …
  3. Two States. by Chetan Bhagat. …
  4. The Girl in Room 105. by Chetan Bhagat. …
  5. Half Girlfriend. by Chetan Bhagat. …
  6. One Night @ The Call Center. by Chetan Bhagat. …
  7. The 3 Mistakes of My Life. by Chetan Bhagat. …
  8. One Arranged Murder.

Are the right words capitalized in all the titles mentioned above?

Answer: Yes

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