Conjunction | List of conjunctions with Meanings and easy Examples

A conjunction is a word used to join words, a group of words, or sentences.

For examples:

  1. Rama and Ratikant are my friends.
  2. My elder sister is diligent but my younger sister is lazy.
  3. Ramesh is lazy as well as idle.
  4. You may stay here or go home.
  5. Rohit rebuked me, still I was not angry.
  6. Rajnish passed because he worked hard.

In the above sentences, and, but, as well as, or, still, and because join one word to another or one sentence to another sentence. These words are called Conjunctions.

Look at the sentences below. The words written in bold type are Conjunctions.

Conjunction example
Conjunction Example | Step-8 | We went to Agra and had a wonderful time.
  1. The carrier boy came and (he) delivered the parcel.
  2. He tried to open the gate but the door was closed.
  3. Govind is not rich yet he is content.
  4. He rebuked me still I was not angry.
  5. I am ill with fever however I shall sit for the examination.
  6. You may stay here or go shopping.
  7. Work hard otherwise, you will fail.
  8. I was tired, so I went to bed early.
  9. She couldn’t speak, for she was overcome with grief.
  10. Ramesh and I went to see our old friend but he was not at home.

Conjunction Exercise-1

  1. Make new 5 sentences with each conjunction with the below-given conjunctions.

and, but, yet, still, however, otherwise, so, for, and, but, as, therefore, while, unless, although, still.

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable Conjunctions:

  1. Rajesh speaks fast __________ Rohan faster.
  2. Radhika is poor __________ she is cheerful.
  3. Do not tease that monkey __________it may bite you.
  4. She will clear the examination __________ she worked hard.
  5. Wait here __________ I come back.
  6. I passed in the examination __________ my friend did not pass.
  7. Everybody likes him __________ he sings well.
  8. The thief stole the jewellery __________ ran away.
  9. The students stopped writing __________ the bell rang.
  10. I can speak English __________ I can not speak Spanish.

Conjunction Exercise-2

A. Underline the Conjunctions in the following sentences and make a new sentence with those underlined conjunctions.

  1. Although Ram tried often to sing, he could not sing well.
  2. My brother is always exuberant, therefore everybody likes him.
  3. She ran fast and caught the bus.
  4. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  5. I love that movie because it is interesting.
  6. Ramesh practiced a lot but could not wind the game.
  7. You will not come first unless you run fast.
  8. Do not disturb her, otherwise, she might make mistakes in her writing.

B. Join each pair of sentences by using suitable conjunctions.

For exampleQuestion: Pavani can write a song. Pavani can not sing it. Answer: Pavani can write a song but she can not sing it.

  1. I teach English. I teach public speaking.
  2. We all like our boss. He is really good person.
  3. She worked hard. She could not pass the examination.
  4. I have been invited. I attend the party.
  5. My teacher gave me a gift. I received the gift.
  6. We started a business. We earned a lot of money.

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