Interjections | List of Interjections with meaning and easy examples

Definition of Interjection

An Interjection is a word or expression that arises as an utterance on its own expressing a spontaneous feeling or reaction or as an exclamation and expressing some sudden and strong emotion, Hare are some examples of Interjections as Wow! Oh! Alas! Yahoo! etc.

Interjections express surprise, joy, shock, sorrow, anger, etc. Further, An exclamation mark i.e. ‘!’ must be placed at the end of the interjection expression, words, and sentence.

Look at the following examples carefully:

Interjection Examples

  1. Wow! what a beautiful story. (Surprise)
  2. Ha! ha! what a joke he said. (Amusement)
  3. Hurrah! We own the match. (Victory or Joy)
  4. Oh! Mahatma Gandhi is no more. (Sadness)
  5. Alas! Mother Teresa is no more. (Sorrow)
  6. Harak! There the ball goes! (Attention)

You can see all the above words with exclamation marks stand for some kind of sudden and strong emotion. Importantly, an exclamation mark is mandatory for every interjection.

Wow! Interjection

Interjection list | List of some interjections.

List of some interjections

Interjection Exercise-1

A. Point out the interjections in the following sentences and put exclamation marks wherever required.

  1. Hush the dancer has arisen.
  2. Alas Netaji is no more.
  3. Hey, who was he?
  4. Wow! How beautiful the flower looks.
  5. Oh, my love where shall I go?

B. Find out the interjections from this paragraph.

I went for a picnic with my friends. The moment we reached the picnic spot everybody was happy. One of my friends shouted with joy, “Wow! how wonderful this place is.” Hearing this one friend said that he had not even seen such a beautiful place. We started preparing food. Meanwhile, we roamed a lot here and there to explore that place. After that, we played a game. at the end of the game, I said, “Hurrah! I won the game.”There was a river near the picnic spot. I along with my friends went there and swam for around an hour. We tried to catch fish.

Ramesh: I could not catch any fish.

Gopal: Ha! Ha! Here I bought the one.

Ramesh: Oh my God! How could you catch such a big fish?

We all were happy while playing the game and swimming. We enjoyed the whole day and returned home in the evening.

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