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An antonym is a word that is opposite in meaning to a given word. The following are the antonyms that are often used in English. Here are the 04 standard rules for forming antonyms of a word in English.

Antonyms formation rules in English.

First Rule:

by adding a prefix to a given word. Example: The antonym of Lucky is unlucky i.e un+lucky= unlucky. Here we need to add prefixes like, in, im, ir, dis, anti, mis, ill, non, extra, etc. to make an antonym of a word.

Second Rule:

by changing the prefix of a given word. Such as, the antonym of include is excluded. Here we changed the ‘in’ to ‘ex’. As we add/ fix the beginning part of the sentence. It is called prefix.

Third Rule:

by changing the suffix of a given word. Such as, the antonym of useful is useless. Here we changed the ‘ful’  to ‘less’. As we fix/change the ending part of the sentence. So, it is called a suffix.  

Fourth Rule:

by changing a word completely to a new word. Here we completely change the form of a word to another form in order to make antonyms.

Let’s see the examples for Antonyms Rule-1:

Rule-1: by adding a prefix to the given word. Like, in, im, ir, dis, anti, mis, ill, non, extra, etc. to make an antonym of a word.

SL No.WordPrefixAntonymMeaningExample
1AbleUnUnableNot able to performHe is unable to lift the box.
2BecomingUnUnbecoming Not suiting/  unbefitting/ not flattering/ inappropriate/His behavior is unbecoming of a teacher.
3CivilizedUnUncivilizedPerson: Not behaving in a way that is acceptable according to social and moral standards.
Place-Not yet developed a modern culture and a way of life.
1. It is hard to deal with uncivilized people.   2. I have worked in the most uncivilized places in the world.
4ClaimedUnunclaimedSomething that is left without owning.The gold that has been given to the police has remained unclaimed yet.
5ClassifiedUnunclassifiedSomething that is available to all such as documents, information, and certificates without any official secret.   You can access unclassified documents easily.
6CommonUnUncommonNot happening often, not existing in large numbers in many places, or unique or remarkable or unusual or rareInform immediately if find any uncommon behavior with your developing child.
7DoUnUndoTo cancel the effect of your previous action. Especially in a computer that cancels the previous actionWe still have time to undo our mistakes. If you have entered something wrong then you can undo or delete it.
8EducatedUnUneducatedNot having formal education at a schoolWe should always try to educate the uneducated people.
9ElectedUnUnelectedNot having been chosen by people in an election or pole.Unelected candidates are not allowed into the house.
10EmotionalUnUnemotionalOften not having or showing your feelings.Often unemotional people hurt others.
11FairUnUnfairNot morally right or not good according to the fixed rules or principles or unjustWhen life seems unfair surrender to God.
Antonym list with meaning and Examples

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