One word Substitution in English with easy examples

Here you will learn about ‘one word substitution’ meaning and a list of one-word substitutions that are highly used in our day-to-day life.

What is One Word Substitution in the English Language?

One-word substitution is the use of a single word instead of a phrase. We use ‘One word substitution’ to make the sentence structure shorter and clearer. The meaning, with the replacement of the phrase, remains the same while the sentence becomes shorter.

One word substitution example:

My friend is an actor as well as a philanthropist. Here, ‘actor’ means a person who acts in drama, movies, etc. Similarly, a ‘philanthropist’ is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

List of ‘One Word Substitution’

One word Substitution words starting with ‘A’

One Word Substitution / PhraseMeaning / Generic Term
AmphibiousAdapted for both land and water
AboriginesEarliest inhabitants of a region
AdvertisementA notice showing the qualities of a thing to people to buy it, a public announcement in the media
AgendaA list of things to be done; business to be discussed at a meeting.
AlbumA book for collecting stamps, photographs, drawings, etc.
AlienOne from a foreign country
AlloyMetal made by mixing together two or more different metals.
AnarchyAbsence of government in a country.
AmateurOne who takes part in any activity for the love of it and not to earn
AudienceAssembly of listeners.
AmbassadorMinister who represents his government in a foreign country.
AmbulanceA vehicle to carry sick, injured people to the country’s hospital.
AmbidextrousA person who can use his left hand as efficiently and naturally as
AmphibiousAn animal or a vehicle adapted for both land and water.
AnaestheticA substance that produces the inability to feel pain, or makes someone
AnatomyScience deals with the structure of animal bodies.
AnnouncerA person who gives out information on radio, television, or on Mic.
AquariumThe tank where fish or water plants are kept.
AnonymousWithout a name; such as an anonymous letter or some such thing.
AntibioticsDrugs which destroy bacteria and prevent their growth.
AntisepticDrugs which destroy disease-producing germs.
ApprenticeOne who is learning a trade.
AquariumA place where fish and water plants are kept for public view.
ArchitectureArt and science of building construction
AeronauticsArt and science of flying in aircraft.
ArbitratorA person appointed by a court or two parties to settle a dispute.
ArchitectOne who designs buildings and supervises their construction.
ArchivesA place where public records are kept and preserved.
ArtisteProfessional singer, actor or dancer.
AstrologerOne who predicts the future from reading horoscopes.
AstronautA person who can travel in space.
AstronomerA scientist who studies the moon, sun, planets, stars and other heavenly bodies.
AuditoriumA hall for lectures, concerts, etc.
AutobiographyStory of one’s own life written by oneself.
AviaryA place where birds are kept.
AwardeeOne who gets an award.
AbroadAway from one’s own country.
One-word Substitution starting with ‘A’

One word Substitution words starting with ‘B’

Bar A place where strong drinks (alcohol) are sold.
Bachelor An unmarried man.
Bakery A place where bread is made and sold.
Bankrupt One who is unable to pay his debts.
Beautician One who can make women pretty and beautiful.
Beauty parlour An establishment where women receive treatment of the skin, hair
Bibliography List of books and writings of one author or about one subject.
Bibliophile Lover of books.
Bilingual A person who can speak two languages; something written or printed i
Black box A box containing electronic equipment, especially, one on aircraft re
Brewery A place where beer is made.
Broker A person who acts as a middleman in buying and selling things.
Briefcase A leather handbag for documents, papers, etc.
Bureaucracy Government by paid officials, not elected by the people, officials
Busybody One who meddles or interferes in the affairs of others.
Bylaw Rules and regulations made by local authorities.
One-word Substitution starting with ‘B’

One word Substitution words starting with ‘C’

CafeA coffee house or small restaurant.
CanteenA special dining hall in a building where the food is served on payment.
CartographerOne who draws maps.
CatalogueA list of names of places, things, books, etc.
CensusAn official count of the population of a country.
CentipedeAn insect with many legs.
Century1. A period of one hundred years. 2. A total of one hundred runs scored
CoachA person who trains sportsmen and players.
ConnoisseurOne who is an expert in judging the quality of food, wines, etc.
Contemporary A person born and living at the same time as another.
Court1. A place where criminal, civil and other types of cases are heard.
2. A place for playing certain games, such as tennis, badminton, etc.
CurfewA rule that all people should be indoors at a fixed time.
CustomerOne who buys things at the shop.
One-word Substitution starting with ‘C’

One-word Substitution starting with “D to Z” will be added soon.

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