Irregular Verb List with meaning and easy examples

There are numerous English irregular verbs. This is a list of 300+ plush irregular verbs that are often used. Don’t be surprised if you find a word that you think is wrongly spelt! As you must know, some words are spelt differently in British English and American English. For example: “Flavour” is the spelling of British English whereas “Flavor” is American English. We try to comprehend when it is essential. These are the selected irregular verbs that are often used in English. Learn easily all irregular verbs from this irregular verb list with meanings & examples.

SL No.Basic Form (V1)Simple Past (V2)Past Participle (V3)Basic From Meaning (V1)
 1AbideAbidedAbidedMeaning: To cannot stand/ bear with somebody/something because you dislike them.

Example: I cannot abide people who look down on the poor.
 2AriseArosearisenMeaning:  a situation or problem occur/ to happen/ to start to exist.

Example: The strength arises with continuous practice.
 3AwakeAwokeAwokenMeaning: to wake up or to awake somebody/something to do something.

Example: My mother awoke me every morning.
 4BabysitBabysatBabysatMeaning: to take care of babies/ children by a babysitter for a small period while their parents are out for some reason.

Example: He is our babysitter who babysits our baby most of
the time.
List of irregular verbs with meaning and examples

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