how to be successful in life?


In the present day, everyone wants to become successful. But, among millions, some only become successful in all workplaces. You can also become successful once you know; how can those some people are able to succeed but many are not. You can also be successful if you do the same that successful people do. Perseverance is the key to getting success in all workplaces.

What is perseverance?

All begin work. But, all can not finish it. Successful people may fail once or twice or even many times before they can finish it. Still, they go on with the work. After repeated failures, and at the end they finish it. This habit of going on with some work until it is finished is called perseverance.

The benefit of Perseverance.

Perseverance is a great virtue. It is the greatest secret of successful people. No great work can be done without it. A poor man can rise to power and fame by virtue of perseverance. The habit of perseverance develops our character. It teaches us to face boldly poverty and difficulties, and thus it strengthens our willpower.

Perseverance is the character of Great Men.

Great men of genius of all ages and of all countries were preserved. There was nothing uncommon in them. They might have failed once or twice or even thrice, But they never lost heart. They tried again and again. They did not stop till the work was done. Great people always apply the principle of perseverance.

Why do millions of people fail but some become successful?

Millions of people fail because they are not persevering. They cannot wait patiently. They cannot stick to one thing for a long time. The distinction between successful people and ordinary people lies here. Unsuccessful people have no strong will. They work half-heartedly. They cannot rise to fame.

Examples of people who got success due to perseverance.

The King Robert Bruce of Scotland is known to many. His story is also quite famous. He fought against the English for the freedom of his country. He won success on his seventh attempt. We all know the name of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar of India. We know how he rose to eminence from a humble position. It was all due to this perseverance. A modern example of a man of perseverance is Mr. Darius Patil, a Parsee gentleman of India. He is at present a multimillionaire industrialist. But when he went to Britain in 1960 he had five pounds in his pocket. He was robbed even of that. He is now 47 years old. He is chairman and chief executive of International Consolidated Holdings. He has got London’s highest honor. There are thousands of real-life stories that became zero to hero. The lives of all great men show that perseverance is at the root of their success. Perseverance is at the root of all discoveries and inventions made in this world.


We all have many desires and goals. Further, Life is not full of a bed of roses. But, It is full of difficulties. We must overcome them at the same time we must achieve all the dreams that we have seen. As perseverance is the key to success, we must acquire this habit early in life. If you persevere in all the work, you can not but definitely, become successful.

“If you persevere, you cannot but succeed.”

-Rajesh Huika

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